Euthanasia, Belgium and the Slippery Slope

The slippery slope argument is rightly regarded a logical fallacy, but a prediction based on sound reasoning is far from irrational. As if to prove the accuracy of predictions once widely dismissed as slippery slope fallacies, the Belgian Senate Committee has voted 13 to 4 in favour of allowing euthanasia for those with early dementia and for sick and disabled children. This means that the matter proceeds to the Belgian parliament for debate.

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More serviceable dupes

In my last post I made the following observation about professionals who agitate for the substantial lowering, if not outright abolition, of the age of consent.  

“To normalise the abnormal, there should be a ready supply of ‘useful idiots’. These are the journalists and quasi-intellectuals that can be relied on to give their blessing to the destruction of innocence perpetrated by decaying predators. That these ever-ready dim-wits exist should be obvious by the complicity of the press and broadcasting media that for decades suppressed complaints about the old pervert Jimmy Savile. Savile’s earthly span passed in a spirit of fearless predatory, necrophilic and paedophilic bliss. Those who challenged his revolting reign were ridiculed as, guess what, narrow-minded bigots. The alleged bigots  were, needless to say, swiftly silenced. Police were fobbed off. Journalists, entertainers and managers lauded his antics as progressive. Giggling alongside the old abuser were police officers, judges, adminstrators and a catalogue of professionals who would have been on notice about the complaints leveled against him.”

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Destigmatising Paedophilia

After certain press criticism and a productive online backlash in the blogosphere, the American Psychiatric Association is performing a gratifying volte-face in its use of the term sexual “orientation” for paedophilia. In its fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has distinguished between paedophilic disorder and paedophilic orientation. Paedophilia-advocacy groups, like B4U-ACT, a grassroots lobby group, have long seen the declassification of paedophilia to the status of an “orientation” for “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs) to be a necessary means to their ends.[fn]See Dr Judith Reisman reporting on the August 17, 2011 B4UAct Conference. She highlights the plethora of paedophile justifications articulated by many speakers among which are such statements as “Assuming children are unable to consent lends itself to criminalization and stigmatization.”[/fn] The North American Man-Boy Love Association (and numerous international affiliates advocating sex between men and boys) see these and other developments as an important step towards their continuing objective of legalising and normalising paedophile activity. In response to the online critique, the APA has confirmed in the last few days that the DSM will be altered and that “it stands firmly behind efforts to criminally prosecute those who sexually abuse and exploit children and adolescents.”

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Normalising a Homicidal Culture of Healthcare

The question of widespread neglect and passive euthanasia in hospitals, hospices and care homes has long been the subject of public and professional disquiet. For years, many of us have been warning of the lethal implications of institutionalising passive euthanasia and, in particular, sedation-dehydration regimes, as part of any national strategy especially in view of the catalogue of financial, political and research interests that there are ininstitutionalising homicide. The sick and elderly are costly and time-consuming, tissue and body parts are valuable, hospital beds, expensive, and cadavers all too useful.

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Perils of Hyperovulation

Describing the process of becoming biological mother to at least two children she will never herself nurture or rear, a former Californian college student, Leah Campbell, highlights the perils of hyperovulation. In a naive yet candid account, she describes the pleasure of having passed the “pre-screenings with flying colours” and her hopes of paving the way to a “debt-free postgraduate life for [herself]”. A good-looking young woman, it is not difficult to see why, eugenically speaking, she would pass the fertility industry’s eugenics test with flying colours.

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Presumed Consent to Organ Harvesting

Wales is now the first country in the United Kingdom to enforce a system of presumed consent to use of a person’s organs for transplant. The introduction of this legislation has set a dangerous precedent for the UK. Interestingly it was assisted by supine ‘faith leaders’ whose nauseating appeasement of oppressive and reckless practices meant that they agitated only for ‘soft’ presumed consent legislation instead of opposing the practice altogether.

The system has long been pressed by the international transplant lobby, body parts industry and utilitarian philosophers (invariably under the sway of big Pharm) with a penchant for “end-justifies-the-means” thinking and a persistent failure to understand the nature of human ignorance and vice.

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Genetically Modified Humans and Three Parent Children

The British fertility industry and theDepartment of Health have announced their intention to press ahead with attempts to introduce internationally novel legislation to permit human germ-line gene modification involving genetic material from three human parents. As well as scrambling a child’s identity in new ways this would allow, for the first time, designer human beings.

The new techniques – Pronuclear Transfer (PNT), Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST) and Nuclear Genome Transfer (NGT) are presented as a minor extension of IVF. The introduction of genetically modified humans born of biological material from three people, however, heralds a novel assault on human identity and the start of a designer eugenics race.

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Not in My Name

A recent report by a Commission on Assisted Suicide funded by euthanasia advocates, Terry Pratchett and Bernard Lewis, ushered in by euthanasia supporter and Labour peer, Charles Falconer, and sponsored by Dignity in Dying (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society), has found, predictably, that a legal framework should be investigated that would allow medical complicity in suicide. The fact that the 11-strong commission was made up of nine well-known proponents of euthanasia, led, inexorably, to an early-stage boycott of the inquiry by over 40 organisations, including the British Medical Association.

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